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Portable Power Station

Compact.    Simple.    Powerful.

NRGVault Models PV500 and PV1500 respectively.

Portable Power Station

3 Year Warranty seal

Mobile power for outdoors or indoors. Charge devices and power appliances efficiently and safely.

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LiFePO4 Advantages

Faster Charging..

Charge to 85% in under 90 minutes

Long Lasting..

LiFePO4 Batteries last up to 5 times longer than Lithium Ion batteries


LiFePO4 is the safest battery type. Even if accidentally dropped, pierced or crushed...

More charge cycles..

LiFePO4 is rated for up to 5000 charge cycles... and it can discharge to 0%


70% lighter than Lead Acid & up to 30% lighter than Lithium Ion.

Non Toxic

There is no Cobalt, Nickel, or Lead. LiFePO4 is made from Graphite, Iron and Copper.


LiFePO4 uses phosphate salts which are better for recycling than metal oxides used in Lithium Ion.

Temperature Resiliance

LiFePO4 batteries don't suffer from Thermal runway..

And operate from -40 to 120 degrees.

LiFePO4 Battery

Safer. Charges faster. Lasts longer. More charge cycles. Recyclable. Lighter. Non-Toxic. Temperature Resilient.

Quiet Battery Feature

Pure Sine Wave

Produces a steady, continuous wave of power with minimal interference (without the damaging effects of a modified or distorted sine wave). This makes the NRGVault ideal for sensitive electronics such as laptops and well suited to appliances such as microwaves, fridges and compressors.

Inputs and Outputs Feature

12V Socket Output

Powers 12V devices which have  a car cigarette (AUX)

Charge Everything and Anything

240v AC – connect appliances like kettles, lights, fans, power tool batteries, a table saw, microwave and some fridges.​

12v DC – great for caravans, cars and 4WD – run 12v appliances, lighting and specialist equipment​.

12v DC *(Cig Socket)… connect your car devices like a dashcam, GPS, fan, laptop charger.​

USB-C (up to 100W PD) – ideal for high powered USB-C products like a MacBook, laptops, D-SLR cameras, tablets.​

USB-A (QC) – everything else… like your smartphone, drones, portable gaming, action cameras​.

12V DC Output (x2)

For 12V devices with a DC style pin connector

Rapid Charging

Connect a solar panel, 240V AC (wall) plug or a 12V DC (car) plug to charge

240V AC Power

4 x standard AU/NZ power sockets

USB Ports

4 x USB-A

(QC 3.0 ready)

2 x USB-C (PD100W)


Super Fast Recharging Feature

Super Fast Recharging

Using MPPT - an advanced power management system - the NRGVault Power Station is fully charged in under two hours (from a standard AC wall outlet). You can also get charge from a car’s 12v DC outlet or from most third party solar panels (using a MC4 connector)​

LCD Information Screen Feature

LCD Information Screen

The bright LCD information screen shows a wealth of power station and connected device information. View the power station's remaining battery life, the time it takes to recharge the power station or any connected devices, check which output ports are currently being used and how much power is being output to individual devices.

Guarantees: Safest battery on the market

Thermal protection

Over-charge protection

The safest battery on the market​

LiFeP04 is the safest battery type to use. They are also non-toxic, they don’t leak, and they can be recycled. ​
With the NRGVault range of portable power packs, we’ve built in additional safety features to ensure that this
power station is one of the safest on the market.​

Over-discharge protection

Short circuit protection

Overcurrent protection

Overvoltage protection

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Energy Source

Fossil fuel

LiFePO4 batteries

Fuel consumed

Petrol / Diesel


Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, etc...

Solar, Car 12v or home 240v

0 - Renewable energy sources

Output current

Up to 50A

Output voltage

12V or 24V DC, or 240V AC power

Output Connections

DC / cigarette lighter sockets or other outlets that can provide 12V or 24V power

Up to 40A

12V DC or 24V DC, or 240V AC power, USB PD10W charging

DC output connections in the form of USB ports with PD100W, 12V cigarette lighter sockets or other specialized connectors.


Up to 30kg

PV500 - 5kg / PV1500 - 15kg




Noise (dB)

Up to 75dB

Little to no noise

Usage locations

Outdoors only

Indoors and Outdoors

Price (typical)

$300 - $1500 (1500W - 2500W)

$1499 (1500W) / $499 (500W)


Regular servicing required

No maintenance required

Cost per kw/Hr

Approximately $1.50 to $3.00 AUD (Dependant on fuel price

Approximately $0.00 (Solar Power) to $1.00 AUD (Dependant on your power bill)

Portable Power Stations have numerous advantages over petrol/inverter generators...

such as no emissions, can be used indoors, is safer and are lighter and smaller

Featuring solar panel rechargeability

Power from the Sun

Solar Charging… With the addition of a solar panel you can harness the power of the sun, power and recharge the NRG vault anywhere you go. This makes the NRG Vault an excellent power option for caravanning or camping or simply reducing your carbon footprint for daily use.

Use Case: Detailing it can be used outdoors


Portable and Light(er) weight​

Typically, portable batteries have been heavy, cumbersome, and not very portable. Our NRGVault power stations use light weight LiFeP04 Lithium batteries making it ideal for outdoor use. LiFeP04 is also safer and lasts longer. Charge your phone, action cam, or drone, or power your laptop, lights, or party speaker.

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