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LASER brand NRGVault launches range of portable power stations

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Written by Neerav Bhatt (ausdroid).

Exciting news from LASER, an Australian consumer electronics brand, as they unveil their NRGVault range of portable power stations.

With a three year warranty, this range provides a robust, efficient and reliable option for consumers in the mobile power space. The NRGVault range includes two models, the PV500 (288Wh capacity) and the PV1500 (1228Wh capacity), both of which have a wide range of possible uses at home or elsewhere, including powering lights during a blackout or glamping gear like a coffee maker. Tradespeople and DIY'ers can also keep a small worksite going with the medium-sized power station, which can charge cordless tools, power tools, lights, phones and laptops. Meanwhile, mobile workers can use these power stations to keep drones, photographic equipment, and everyday laptops and phones charged.


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